Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sharing my project

Over the weekend I have been preparing a presentation of my project for a cross cluster ICTPD workshop on Wednesday.
Preparing for this workshop has allowed me to review my project and really reflect on the impact online audiences have had on Year 3 and 4 students.
I think it is very important to get across to this group the importance of incorporating ICT and Web2 Tools throughout all areas of curriculums and the power of reflective feedback within the class and from an online audience. I think the other point I want to get across to this group is how important it is for us to slow the process down to give the students the opportunity to produce quality work rather than only giving them 3-4 weeks to complete a specific writing genre.
I have been using our school STARS Inquiry Model during the planning and implementation of this project. This has really reinforced how effective and relevant each stage of the writing process fits within our Inquiry model. The children are constantly being reminded of the stages of learning and how important reflective feedback is to their learning.
I have shared how I have used our school inquiry model with John Cubitt (Pekerau Primary School Principal) and he now wants me to share the plan to with our staff.

During Week 8 I want to spend more time conferencing and videoing the students to show what they have learnt and what has impacted on their writing the most.

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