Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Regional Cross Cluster Workshop

Last night I presented at one of the Waikato Regional Cross Cluster ICTPD workshops.
This was a very good opportunity for me to trial what I might do and say at ULearn. With an audience of about 60 teachers it was a little bit nerve racking. Once I relaxed and started sharing my project people started asking really good questions.
I aimed to get across the importance of giving the students time to process the conventions of print and the skills they have learned to assist in their fairy tale writing.
I also explained how important it is to get the parents involved with the online feedback - showing some examples on the wiki and explained how engaged the students have been because of the reflective feedback.
One teacher asked how the children dealt with negative feedback - I explained how the class have realised that all reflective feedback is important and they actually haven't been upset by what could be seen by adults as negative feedback. It made me realise how important it has been for me to get across to the students from the beginning that we need reflective and constructive feedback to help us improve in our learning.
I showed examples of the Web2 tools we are using and shared how important it is for the students to be given time to practise the new tools skills in the classroom with a relevant context ie: writing a fairytale for an online audience.
I also shared the ICT tools we have used in the classroom and some examples of what ideas the children have recorded.
I hope some people got comething from it.
I hope the group got something from my project.

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