Wednesday, March 25, 2009

While sitting at the airport we continued to reflect on our three days together. We know how valuable collaboration in the classroom is and we have had plenty of opportunity this week to spend time getting to know each other, the CORE team and Sally and Sue from NZCER our researchers and mentors.

We've completed challenges, icebreakers, energizers and culinary experiences that have helped us become a tight knit group.

We even managed to involve "The Stormers" last night in our "Navigational literacy". With a little bit of encouragement it's amazing what we can achieve.

Yesterday and today we have been busy discussing our projects with our Mentors. Marion and I have Sally from NZCER. Through our discussions I have been able to clarify my plan in more detail. I've already done some of the ground work during this first term so it feels good to know that I'm on the way.

After looking at the photo of us all at the base of the tree I began to wonder if this was some form of symbolism. The strength of the tree trunk and the power of many minds (our e fellows team)!!
Now that I have spent 2 hours on a flight home I've had time to reflect on my project. So far I have come up with the following statement hoping that as I work my way through the project lights will go on with my students.
My project aims: To explore the use of strategies which enhance student engagement and success of their writing through sharing with an online audience.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've finally started my blogging journey. With some anticipation, anxiety and excitement I am looking forward to the development of my blog.