Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What next?

What next for this term in our literacy?
I have begun introducing persuasive writing and have used an article about fishing nets and a seal tangled in them. The children have had to discuss the issues surrounding nets then complete a PMI chart. This was a great way to develop opinions for and against. The children to be able to begin developing their opinion in a written form ie letter to the editor then they tried to convince me. They had to be able to justify every reason/ opinion.
Not only have they had fun sharing their ideas but they loved being able to try and change my mind - of course I kept challenging their thinking and kept being difficult (Great fun).
I hope once our internet access at school is back online, some of the children can put their work online - perhaps you might like to challenge their thinking by posing more problems about their subject. Please keep visiting http://room5kea.wikispaces.com/.

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