Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday is always our computer session and the students know they must have their work ready to upload the next draft. We initially thought the stories could be scanned from their draft books but then realised some of the handwriting is difficult to read so they are publishing their stories in a Word document first then also save it as a pdf to upload. We used the pdf so that no changes can be made by the audience.
We have printed their stories so far and they are editing (especially spelling and sentence structure). The students then make changes on the one of the two computers in the classroom, also making changes from the online or buddy feedback.
The online audience are becoming more involved and are becoming more confident with their comments/ feedback.The students or should I now call them writers, know that the online feedback is about their story not about their spelling (thats my job and theirs during the editing process - which some are still learning).
I have also found it interesting that the students are experimenting with the different text styles and still keeping up with the task. Some have chosen old style writing and when asked why, they could justify it "It looks like the olden days and fairy tales are stories from the olden days". (They are getting it)

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