Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sue from NZCER spent the day with me. The children showed they understood what they were doing through each stage of the writing process. The children are really involved in their writing and have become writers in their own minds.
Sue interviewed two groups after spending the first part of the morning observing and connecting with the children. My boys creative thinking was on fire. They were coming up with adjectives they thought might work in their stories. I have found it rather interesting working with these boys. We have been building on their story setting and have continued to use Ali Baba as the story to base their own fairy tale on. While we are working together and recording their ideas onto the easi speak, the boys stories vary. They listen to their recordings and copy it down (which one boy told Sue "we aren't learning anything we are just copying"!! Thankfully the other boys set him straight and said the stuff that they are copying are all of their ideas for the story (Yay)).
The other group Sue interviewed could really articulate their thoughts about the writing process and how important the online community and feedback is for their story writing. As writers they know reflective feedback is essential because they want the audience to enjoy their stories.

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