Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christchurch sharing

I have just spent two days with my fellow efellows in Christchurch with Vince from CORE. We shared parts of our projects and had sessions on the presentation techniques in preparation for ULearn 09.
We were shown the do's and don'ts of powerpoint presentations - with some incredibly valuable tips. I'm thinking I'll be spending some hours looking for great visual metaphors
We were also given some great tutoring from a toastmaster and toastmistress to help us deliver our presentations with confidence. They gave us tips on how to stand and for some of us how not to clench hands - this will be my little challenge.
It was really nice to be reconnected with my efellows to share the highs and some of the lows and lots of laughs.
We looked again at what Literacy is now that we have completed our project tasks and viewed readings and been part of professional development discussions. We also looked at whether we have changed the way we think about literacy.
It was a very valuable, reflective and reinvigorating busy two days.

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