Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Project:
Developing Rich and Reflective Writing with Year 3 & 4 Students: to explore the use of strategies which enhance student engagement and success of their writing through sharing with an online audience.
The aim of this project is to use fairy tales as a context, where students will develop their understanding of the codes and conventions of narrative writing to communicate meaning and ideas through the use of mind mapping, graphic interpretations, multimedia and/or animations enhancing student's learning and understanding of effective communication, using a range of ICT / Web2 Tools.
The students will begin to understand how to develop their writing through interactions with an authentic online audience, for their personal reglections on their work and through their engagement with implementing changes, as a result of processing feedback. To do this, the students will be uploading their draft writing onto their wiki page where regular discussions / feedback and feedforward from the wider community will be used to assist the students to reflect and make changes to improve their writing.

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